Certificate in Assistance Animals in Australia (AA001)
Continuing Professional Development
Certificate in Assistance Animals in Australia (AA001)
Do you know the difference between a Service Dog, Therapy Dog Guide Dog and Hearing Dog? What is an Assistance Animal? Terminology and legalities in the Assistance Animal world are ambiguous at best and confusing at worst. This course has been...
Advanced Certificate In Feline Nursing (ACFN01)
Full Certificate
Advanced Certificate In Feline Nursing (ACFN01)
Course Description Have you always wanted to work in the veterinary and animal care industry as a feline nurse? Do you want to advance your career and specialise as a feline nurse? Turn your passion into a profession with the Advanced...
Advanced Certificate In Australian Wildlife Studies (ACIAWS01)
Full Certificate
Advanced Certificate In Australian Wildlife Studies (ACIAWS01)
Course Description Do you work with Australian wildlife? Do you want to know more about possums, bandicoots, koalas and kangaroos just to name a few? Do you love Australian wildlife and interested to learn more about these fascinating...
Advanced Certificate In Equine Studies (ACIES)
Full Certificate
Advanced Certificate In Equine Studies (ACIES)
Course Description Have you always wanted to work with horses? Turn your passion into a profession with the Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies. Units of Study Unit 1 -      Equine Psychology and Handling - This unit covers the...
Building a Culture of Adaptability (AL005)
Adaptive Leadership
Building a Culture of Adaptability (AL005)
If you want your organization to be able to deal with an ongoing flow of adaptive challenges, you’ll need to build a culture of adaptability. This is a long-term process rather than something that can be achieved quickly. Once the organization...
Certificate In Biochemistry (BC01)
Certificate In Biochemistry (BC01)
Course Description Biochemistry is the study of the chemical substances and processes that occur in animals, and of the changes they undergo during development and life.  Biochemistry enters into the investigation of chemical changes in...
Creative Thinking (BI002)
Business Innovation
Creative Thinking (BI002)
Creative Thinking in Business is the process by which individuals come up with new ideas or new approaches in order to solve problems. Whether it’s inventing a new product or finding ingenious ways to cut costs and improve quality – like a...
Critical Observation (BI003)
Business Innovation
Critical Observation (BI003)
Observation is a key component of innovation. By observing how we and other people do things, we will spot opportunities for improvements. The more we observe, the more opportunities we’ll find. And if a problem is spotted, we can work to...
Being Adaptable (BI004)
Business Innovation
Being Adaptable (BI004)
Can you think of a ‘Hero to Zero’ company? Forerunners in their field, but when others started offering the same or better, times got hard and they disappeared? But what went wrong for them? Well, they didn’t adapt. Adaptability is a...
Communicating under Stress (CA001)
Communication Skills Applied
Communicating under Stress (CA001)
Picture the scene: the phone is ringing nonstop, your boss has moved an important deadline, and you can’t figure out why your keyboard has stopped working. You turn on the lamp for a better look, but the light bulb has blown and, to top it all,...

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